Singles & EPS

Classic, hip-hop, techno, R&B, and much more.

Good things come to those who wait – well, that’s certainly not true for music-lovers!

At Amir Entertainment, we get it – not everyone is keen on waiting for an album release. And when it’s about your favorite rock artist, even a single song is more than enough. So, why not skip through the misery of a long wait when you can get ahold of singles and Eps under one roof? You heard that right. As a leading record labeling company, we’re firm on one thing: facilitating artists to reach their fans worldwide.

Our platform works as the center point where artists can overcome the production challenges and release single songs that can put the world on fire. For fans as well, this works wonderfully. After all, no one has seen a music fanatic saying no to a good piece of music. And our Eps only enhance the fun three-fold. With songs ranging between 3-6, you can get mini-albums with a quality that’s no less than that of an LP.

Starkim has been producing music for years – songs that people love to listen to and play on car records. So, say yes to this golden opportunity of buying the best singles from our store.