Top Songs

Songs that you can listen to on-repeat.

Who says you have to wait for years before your song can come atop the music charts? As an independently owned music and entertainment production company ourselves, we understand the struggles you might face as a struggling artist. But not to be. Our platform can resolve your troubles of getting heard. Come join us in an exciting, spiraling journey of reaching the top music list and ultimately winning your fans’ hearts.

Whether you have just composed a single song, have more than a couple of songs screaming to see the light of the day, or an entire set of songs that demand albumatic attention – we’ve got you covered. Once our record labels envelop your music, it won’t be long before you’ve reached your goals. And don’t take our word for it. Instead, see for yourself.

Whether it’s ‘Originals’ feat. Starkim or ‘Murder’ feat. Charlie Rock & Starkim, the current songs in our top-rated lists are here for a reason – the superior and refined sound quality that’s the trademark of Amir Entertainment. Either as a fan or an aspiring artist, you won’t be disappointed after going through our playlist.