Upcoming Tour

Mark your calendars for a roaring musical night!

If there is one thing that gets music lovers going gaga, it’s the news of their favorite band or artist’s next live performance. But where to get your hands on the tour tickets, especially if you don’t aim to get robbed? Well, there’s one place for it – Amir Entertainment.

We’re not just your average music and entertainment production company. We consider ourselves the rulers that move with excellence. In other words, we love what you love. So, when it’s about offering you the ticket to making your dreams come true, we’re it.

We keep an eye on the latest upcoming tours of aspiring artists and promote their events on our platform. For that, we use powerful social channels that work to build their online presence. Our private record labeling aspect also comes into play by releasing songs, albums, Eps, and everything that comes in between.

While offering you tickets for live performances, we keep in mind one thing: that you never have to break your bank to see your favorite singer face to face. So, browse through the upcoming tours and book the ones you’d love to be a part of. And when you’ve made your mind, ping us, and we’ll ensure you get the best places to cheer.